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...after many weeks of this place being silent!

hello friends! so glad to know that so many of you still pop in over here and stalk the archives for inspiration or just a little down time reading. thank you, thank you! this is in no way an "official" post, but a PSA to let you know i'm hanging out over on instagram. i had sworn off joining more social media hangouts(especially since time has not allowed me to stay updated over here).  but, after some arm twisting, i set up yet another profile and have started posting.

with that, i would love to connect with you over there.  you can find me here: www.instagram.com/astylishlittlelady/

drop in and say hello.  let's stay connected and follow along if you like.  i will be posting pretty much everything you have come to know around here and i'll also be teaming up with some great makers to bring you some goodies from amazing talent.

the doors over here will remain open. and maybe at some point, i'll have some time freed up to write. but until then ... instagram it is!

peace to your heart.

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