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taco fever//dese'rae stage
just so you know ...

i have a love affair with tacos.  but not just any tacos.  they have to be from an authentic mexican joint and made simple ... meat, lettuce + some cheese.  no extras.  that's it.

i rearrange things (alot).  and sometimes it may take days (or weeks) before my husband even notices. maybe one day he will come home and things will be just as he left them.  my guess is ... not!

i love twinkle lights.  all year round is cool with me.  right now i have a string on a plant that somehow grew its way up to our ceiling and another set on our baby christmas tree we are trying to grow to be just as big.

my favorite color is black.

i eat alot of veggies and i love to eat beets. maybe gross to some, but an afternoon snack for me.

my husband calls me piglett ... yes, you know, winnie the poohs friend. not my first choice for a nickname, but he feels it's appropriate given the amount of food i ate on a date with him once.  yes, there's no shame here ... i was hungry!

why is this turning into a food post?  maybe that nickname applies after all.

i love vanilla candles.

my favorite number is 9.

and just so you know, we have a giveaway winner!
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and just so you know, it's the weekend.

enjoy it.
peace to your heart.


*photography by dese'rae. you can buy a copy of this image (or other prints) here.

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  1. I love twinkle lights too! hehe cool post!

    1. thanks briseidy! enjoy your weekend with that cute family of yours. x

  2. I love beets too! I did have to train myself into eating them though, and after that, I started LOVING them!

  3. I love me some tacos too...I can sit and eat a whole tray all to myself, yessssssssss :))) I hope your weekend has been going blissfully doll...now I'm hungry for tacos, haha :))) Loves xx



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