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EAT ... WEAR ... MAKE ... LOVE ...


eat,wear,make,love//a stylish little lady
camping anyone?

this little collection is inspired by cooler temps, the smell of a burning fire, and cozy sleeping bags. nothing beats a warm meal (or beverage) cooked over the fire while wearing a fleece hoodie. and after dinner, you can snuggle up in that tent and make yourself some branch weavings.  seriously, these are the makings for a great weekend!

find them here//
swedish coffee recipe
fleece club jacket
diy branch weaving
vintage style tent

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  1. These are lovely. A fire would be so grand to sit next to just now, it is getting so chilly here now and a fire would be the perfect solution with some marshmallows and chocolate :))) I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear xx

  2. lovely! that tent looks amazing!

    1. i think your littles would love that tent too;)

  3. That tent is beautiful! And I can't wait to try that Swedish Coffee recipe! Have you tried it already? How was it?

    1. not yet ... saving it for a future camping trip! hope all is well in your world;)



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