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EAT ... WEAR ... MAKE ... LOVE


 photo eatcollage_zps60be8106.png
i don't like tomatoes in my salad, but i would eat that entire plate since it is topped with two of my favorite things (fresh herbs and cheese).  the cape i would wear everyday.  that planter has been added to my list of things to diy (it's acutally a bird feeder kit from lowes) and the bench is just my style ... clean and simple. you may remember my first attempt at creating a  bench here  and i absolutely love a mid century inspired piece and think this bench would look perfect placed in front of a window to house an ever increasing collection of plants. (dear husband if you are reading this my apologies, but i'm sure we can make something similiar, right?!)

what are you eating, wearing, making, or loving these days?

find them here//
tomato & feta dish 
hexagon planter

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  1. I so enjoy your blogs. There is a beauty in the phrasing of sentences with lovely photos.

  2. These are great!! I do not like tomatoes what so ever, haha. But, I am eating whipped Greek style yoghurt with strawberry compote - yum!! Wearing a cardigan because it's been cold. Making a pom pom fascinator and loving sleep, haha!! I hope you have a great day doll xx

  3. Everything here is so fabulous! I am really wanting to eat that tomato and cheese salad! Looks so delicious! The hanging planter is really awesome too!


  4. I heart everything here. So eclectic.



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