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hello there people of the blog.  we made it another week and i hope it treated you kind.  i'm glad the hubby made it safely home (after a week of being away) and the chocolate fudge cake i made him seemingly turned out well! any plans for the weekend? we are meeting up with friends tonight and have a birthday party to attend this weekend too...fingers crossed, there will be no rain.  and in between all that, i hope to make some headway on a bench we are making and have it closer to being complete.  i'll share once it's finished ... no tutorial though as we have been fighting with a piece of reclaimed wood and my sweet boy and i had to tag team on this thing to get it all sanded up and ready for its debut.

and now for some links to love... cue the music (i've had this song on repeat in my head for awhile and equally like the acoustic version too).

add some texture to your home with something from this collection.

if you entered the vango art giveaway, check your email as the winner was notified today.

help solve a plant mystery and tell me what this is growing in our home.

thank you pinterest for this cute way to wrap small gifts.

hooked on this show from hgtv and the way chip & joanna transform the ugliest homes into true gems. not to mention their farmhouse is a dream of mine.

this bag!
and wishing i had a scoop of that!

and lets bring this thing home with some cute pictures of a rescue dog and her little boy.

peace to your heart.

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  1. I hope your weekend was bliss doll!! Wish you a gorgeous new week :) xx



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