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i saw a quote the other day that simply said "less house, more home." and it got me thinking ... how do we define our homes and what exactly makes a home exist?  as of late, i've been moving things around and switching things up. one day it's here, the next it's there.  stacks of framed pictures and art line the floor, diy projects are patiently waiting for their turn and paint swatches are looking for their chance to grace the walls... all of this in an attempt to make this place of ours feel more like home.
 photo happyhouse2a_zpscff910d6.png
and so the question becomes, what defines your home?  is it your personal photos, souvenirs from a past trip, or furniture pieces that once filled your childhood place? are there remnants of your college apartment, hand me downs from a relative, or vintage pieces no one else would claim?  those we dwell with are an important part of home as well ... our partner, roommates, family, and our fury friends. simply put, home is where we're most comfortable, where we reflect our personalities and pride . it is our sanctuary, our safe haven, the place we love most. and regardless of it's size or cost, home is the place we can be ourselves and welcome others into our world. no matter how big or small, make it your own and even more, live with what (and who) you love.

so what defines the place you call home?

*original hand threaded collage art by happy red fish.

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  1. lovely post! and so true! that's a great quote and I love this ilustrations, thanks for sharing!

  2. You know, I'm often sad about my apartment's little space, but thinking about it, I'd have a really hard time moving (which my hubby and I might be doing soon).
    It's our first place together, and thinking about it, it is precious to me.
    Thank's for the perspective!

  3. This is super doll. I think my home is defined by all the people I love being there, if there weren't there, it wouldn't feel like home. It's filled with all the things we love, our own little world really. :) Happy Wednesday to you doll xx

  4. I think my home is defined by my loved ones being there and the collage of pictures we have posted on the refrigerator. :-) Nice post!


    1. we have a photo collage going on the fridge as well ... and having our people there makes it even better.

  5. My home is an eclectic mix of everyone who lives here. It's laughs and tears. It's memories. It's our faith. Beautiful post.



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