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i usually do not decorate for valentine's day, however, since i found out so many of my readers do, i thought i would share a modern take on an easy handmade valentine's day wreath.  i shaped a wire hanger into the likeness of a heart and attached greenery (i used clippings from plants around the house) and twisted each around the hanger and secured with florist wire. tie on some ribbon and you are ready to hang it.  easy, right? even better, it did not cost me a thing! and if you have some flowers or pretty little blooms, you can add those too.
 photo valentinesdiyastylishlittlelady_zps87f757fb.png
i wish all of you an amazing weekend.  i will be book clubbin' and i'm happy to report i did finish the book. it came down to the wire, but i managed to get it done.  and i must say, it was a bit of a thriller, mixed with some suspense, unexpected twists, finished off with an ending that made me exclaim 'say what?!'  also a big thank you to everyone who offered up book suggestions thru comments and tweets.  i think there were some winners and i'll let you know what we decide (in case you want to read along with me).

peace to your heart.

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  1. Very clever idea and it seems pretty easy to make! Have an awesome weekend...Grace & Peace

  2. Replies
    1. the extent of me doing anything was making cards! but it seems there are lots of people who deck their homes out for the day. enjoy your weekend!

  3. This is lovely doll, perfect. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend & enjoy yourself xx

  4. cool idea! really pretty.
    glad you finished the book in time! have a nice weekend, girl!
    gonna pin and tweet your decorating idea. ;)

    1. you and me both! wishing a nice weekend to you as well + thanks for sharing the diy;)

  5. I usually am not a fan of wreaths but I love you simple modern approach. I would actually make one of them. Beautifully. Done. Look forward to hearing what you'll read next. I'm always looking for a new book to read.

    1. i'm usually not a fan either ... especially when they are overly done up! but this one, i can deal with! it simple, very simple! enjoy your weekend;)

  6. Hey, I love the wreath as it is so simple and beautiful. Did I mention the "free" part is also appealing? Well done friend. I hope you enjoy your weekend and book club time!

  7. Such a sweet wreath! Your creativity knows no bounds!



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