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it's monday again and i hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the week ahead.  we had a pretty low key one ... mostly getting things done around home. and my sweet boy managed to get himself a new smoker ... of which we picked up apple wood for said smoker ... and he cooked up (slow and low) some finger lickin' good brisket.  my apologies to my vegetarian friends, but every now and again, i do chow down on meat and this weekend just happened to be one of those times.  today it's back to the usual ... fruit, veggies, lots of water, and a little protein. no i am not a vegetarian ... maybe a part time one if such a thing exists. meat for me is a side (not the main attraction) and sometimes i just forgo eating it all together.

but that brisket ...{good job love for your first time out with the new smoker, battling the elements and all}.

now enough about me and my diet or lack thereof.

i hope you have a great day and i'm going to push it a bit and wish you a great week as well.  stay tuned as i will share another stylish art favorite this week (the second installment of this series) and maybe a simple, healthy recipe for you to chow down on while watching the superbowl. we will be spending the weekend with friends who happen to be seattle fans ... so for them (and for the sake of maintaining our friendship) ... GO HAWKS!!

peace to your heart.

ps//the handmade cutting board is by wood ink.  check them out as you can get one custom engraved or personalized for your favorite meat eater, the part time carnivore, or as a gift from veggie lovers to their meat lovin' friends.

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  1. I'm so bad with meat cuts, that board would be useful.

  2. Hello doll! I'm not a vegetarian either, but I don't eat a lot of meat really. Just sometimes and if it's not there, then I don't really think on it. I hope you have a gorgeous week doll & your weekend was bliss xx

    1. hope you have a gorgeous week as well!

  3. What a beautiful board! I don't usually do a lot of meat cutting but I could certainly find an excuse to in order to buy (and get use) out of that gorgeous piece! Have a great week Chandra :)

  4. Replies
    1. i know, right? almost to cool to use!

  5. Such a pretty board. I'm a fan of cutting boards as art, some are just that beautiful.

    I've tried being a vegetarian. It almost didn't end well for the kids. Now that they're older, I'm less likely to view them as little ham hocks. ;-)

  6. what a lovely board!
    have a great day,

  7. I love how you are signing off 'peace to your heart'. How lovely.

    Your brisket sounded delicious. And, that cutting board is beautiful.



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