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a new year is almost here and there will be new things going on around the blog! and if you are a creative type, have an amazing small business, an artist, or indie maker, i want to know who you are and what unique items you have to offer! in case you didn't know, this blog is all about different.  i'm always on the hunt for great handmade items or solid businesses to share with my readers and 2014 will be the year of one collaboration a month with someone who fits any (or all) criteria above.

so, if you think my readers should know who you are, send me an email and let me know what you've got.  i will be accepting a total of 12 stores (or artists) to showcase.  each one will be approved by me as i want to make sure you fit the aesthetic and purpose of this blog.

email me if you have questions or to get all the deets.
once again only 12 shops will be chosen. once the slots are filled, you will be notified so we can start brainstorming and doing all the fun stuff together, which includes the option to host a giveaway, have an item featured in a style post, a solo feature, or whatever we can come up with to make sure people know who you are and what makes you unique.

let's get the conversation going, shall we?

and just so you know, here's what some talented folks have to say about working with me ... 

When Chandra and I first started talking about her hosting a giveaway on her blog for some of my jewelry, I was immediately ecstatic.  I have worked with her before and so I knew the giveaway was going to be a huge hit.  And it was!  The outreach that my business experienced thru the giveaway surpassed my expectations by a ton!  I gained a much wider following on social platforms like twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - media i I find integral to marketing my work.  Chandra is easy to communicate with and very organized, so the giveaway went incredibly smoothly.  I had alot of fun working to promote the giveaway, because I was so proud to be featured on a pretty blog like A Stylish Little Lady.  Annie, Tarnished & True

I've worked with Chandra from A Stylish Little Lady several times now and its always been a pleasure.  Not only is Chandra a really wonderful person, but she's also really professional, very efficient, methodical and she gets things done.  I've worked with other bloggers before, but I've never had as good results as when I've work with Chandra.  I've seen significant increases of followers on different social media sites and I've seen increased traffic in my online shop on Etsy.  Chandra even helped me set up my very first banner ad. Back then, I had no idea how to do it, but she quickly helped me put something together from the pictures in my online shop.  I look forward to continuing to work with her.  Thank you Chandra!  Irene, Irene Moller Jewelry

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with a talented writer and blogger known online as A Stylish Little Lady.  Her real name is actually Chandra and beneath her technical abilities there lies the even more impressive and in my opinion more important human quality of elegance and sophistication that lend themselves to her blog's title. Fortunately for me and my business, Chandra found her way to my shop while browsing online and after some communication, we worked out a very reasonable deal to collaborate with her blog.  Over time, we have seen a steadily increasing stream of web traffic being directed our way from A Stylish Little Lady.  Then came the giveaway ...

Having been online for a while, I have been involved with a few similar giveaways and contests on other blogs with different levels of success.  Based on my experience, Chandra knocked it out of the park!  What made our giveaway more successful and enjoyable with A Stylish Little Lady was the way she approached the entire process.  This is where her elegance and sophistication came into play.  Chandra's manner of communication is clear and magnetic. Her method of creating intrigue and focusing an enormous amount of positive energy into laying the groundwork leading up to and throughout the giveaway is something money can't buy.  Her commitment to keeping me in the loop and getting what she needed from me made the whole process fun and simple.

When the giveaway was all said and done, our Facebook and Twitter following doubled, our website traffic saw a huge spike, and we have already received many new customers!  I would recommend Chandra to anybody!  She is friendly, unpretentious, and an expert on the world wide web.  If you have the opportunity, take the time to see what she can do for you.  You will be glad you did.  Cody, The Modern Art Shop

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