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tis the season to eat lots of pomegranate and these yummy little seeds have been eaten on their own, mixed in vanilla yogurt, tossed in salads, and now on top of peanut butter toast.  this may seem a bit weird, but think of it as a substitute for jelly with a little crunch! just toast up your favorite bread ... smear on some peanut butter ... and top with pomegranate seeds. now that's easily made + tasty!

and before i forget, here are some easy recipes with pomegranate you may want to try ...

+pomegranate and rosemary white sangria by bakeaholic mama.
+orange sweet potato bake with pomegranate by keep it kind.
+a kale and wild rice salad with pomegranate, walnuts, and feta by pinch of yum.
+and this chocolate bark recipe by yours truly, of which you could use the pomegranate seeds in place of dried cranberries.


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