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this blog exist to capture the beautiful things in life, to recognize creative talent and awesome individuals, and to pay homage to the things that are dear to me and i love.

i love my husband.
i love and support our military.
and i love the opportunity to share with you.

my husband (along with many of our close friends) and family have served this country proudly. thru blogging, i have met military spouses and former servicemen (and women) as well. the military is part of our lives and will forever be. and i think my husband put it best ...

during this time of year, i like to take time to remember my brothers and sisters that are on active duty overseas.  not only the soldiers on the front line, but all the other service members serving around the world.  it's something we don't think about every day but, there are a lot of them.  i remember what it was like to be deployed during the holidays ... wishing to be home with family, but filled with a sense of pride in knowing in a small way, i was serving my country and making the world a safer place. 

this holiday season we are sharing a little gift by participating in the USO charitable giving and sending some love and appreciation to those who will not make it home for the holidays. if you are interested in learning more, you can visit the USO's website hereand if you would like to sponsor a care package, you can do so here.

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