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...well not really, but i'm starting my weekend a bit early!

and i'm going to enjoy it as i hope you will do the same. we're going to a hockey game (complete with tailgating) which i'm sure will lead to massive amounts of junk consumed!

and in other news... in case you didn't notice there's a nice little button on my sidebar announcing an amazing giveaway that will be taking place here in a few weeks!  stay tuned as i've teamed up with some talented artists to bring you the largest giveaway (over $350 in prizes) this blog has seen! you are most welcome and be sure to tell all your friends!

in the meantime, you can catch up on what you may have missed from the week...
relax your style by using the basics in your closet.
indecisive about getting a tattoo? try on this temporary one for a simple yet cool look.
and accessorize your style with a classically modern kisslock bag.

well this concludes the not so weekending post!

peace to your heart.

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