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... from this guy ...
 photo lizard3A_zpse9615e92.png
... from these two ...
 photo lizard6A_zpsf550321b.png
... that one...
 photo 010A_zps516db499.png
... and this one too ...
 photo lizard4A_zpsaa4a2714.png
i bring you weekend cheer from a family of reptiles that decided to take up residence on our back porch and from me! hope the weekend brings unexpected surprises ... even if they do come in the form of uninvited guests! enjoy!

peace to your heart.

oh ... and some posts worth mentioning from the week:
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and style yourself with a cool t.

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  1. They are so sweet!! Loved that!! We have 5 geckos, but they couldn't be out like that, as they need the heat. Love that these reptiles come and wader the plants. I hope you have a great weekend too doll xx

  2. So cute!
    The for sharing!
    Have a lovely

  3. showing these guys to my boy! he loves the lizards too. :) those soups all looked so good, I am going to have a go at them recipes! xo!!

    1. i know he would love them (yet another reason why we need to live closer so i could just drive them over to live with you!) ... i could put them on a plane! hehe:)



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