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A NASCAR RACE + A MIGHTY FINE HOT DOG (and a giveaway winner!)


 photo saloman6A_zps9cf18a2b.png
 photo saloman11Ause_zps401465e2.png

+headphones for listening to driver's commentary or earplugs are a must+
 photo saloman5A_zps4249de14.png
 photo 051A_zpsc9b37974.png
 photo race10A_zps694c3318.png
 photo race11A_zpsbb8e747b.png
 photo saloman1A_zps5b30a174.png
 photo r12A_zpsb0562008.png
+the hot dog...loaded with chili, coleslaw, and mustard+
 photo race12A_zps5293046b.png
my husband is quite the racing fan and well, i'm still developing an affection for it.  usually when there's a race on tv, i will watch for a minute ... fall asleep ... do some chores ... eat ... sleep more ... and repeat!  after all, some of these races have over 400 laps making it near impossible for me to stay glued to the tv.  seeing a race in person is the way to go.  nothing beats the loud engines, the rumble of the track, burning rubber and of course, enjoying a mighty fine hot dog! this by far is how a race should be enjoyed.

ps//thank all of you for supporting the takei inspirations giveaway.  we have a lucky winner and her name is katie s.  an email has been sent, so please respond asap to claim your prize!

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  1. looks like fun! I too prefer go to the race track than watch in on tv...

  2. i've never been to a race before, but your photos are awesome! especially love the wide shot of the whole track (stadium? not sure of the right word ha.)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. It is great that you do so much to join in our husbands interests to share these experiences with him. I definitely love to go to sporting events from time to time but almost never watch them on tv xo

    1. he's quite the trooper when it comes to doing things that i'm interested in too. enjoy the rest of the week, pretty lady. looking forward to seeing what you and "m" will be up to next;)

  4. Looks fab doll, I'm like you, I rather be at the race than watch it on tv. Looks so much fun :) Yummy hotdogs too :) I hope you have a super day doll x

  5. yayy i replied to your email! thank you sooo much!

    1. you are most welcome ... now go shop!!

  6. You are rocking those shades-and look like you fit right it. I've never been to a race-but I bet it would be fun!!

  7. How fun! The hubs used to race when we lived in Pennsylvania. I rode in the car with him a few times. Craziness!

  8. What great pictures and a delicious looking hot dog!

  9. I'd love to see a race in person!



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