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 photo GRAT4_zps7ea79afe.jpg
i am thankful...
for my amazing husband who works hard and loves hard too.

and now this is the part where you join me...

have a little gratitude you would like to share? drop me a line in the comments and lets spread some love and thankfulness. why you ask? because we all have things to be thankful for and sometimes we just need a little reminder as to how our lives are good. but mostly, we should never undervalue the things we have nor give more value to what we may not.

so who's with me?...
let the gratitude begin...

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  1. I am thankful for you. For showing me such beauty when I needed it the most. I hope to always remember. Thank you, Chandra, for being beautifully awesome.

    1. AND...thank you for being such an inspiration! i admire your determination and for following your passion in life...even when others may not agree. x

  2. I'm thankful for life sometimes it's taken for granted until it's lost but I'm truly thankful for each day of life.

  3. I am thankful for health. For time with my family. For a hard working and handsome husband. For a sweet and loyal dog. For a roof over my head and food to fill my belly. For my sweet son who lights up my life

  4. Thankful for creativity, love and laughter and sooooo many things it will take a couple of days to list but you get the idea - also thankful that I get to share your thoughts :)

  5. This is beautiful...it's good to always be grateful!! I am grateful for my husband and girls and friends. I am thankful for my blog & all the people it helps me to meet every day :)) And I am thankful for you & the support you give through comments & your gorgeous posts too, they brighten my day :))) Have a marvellous Friday doll xx

  6. Life...and all of it's components
    Have an awesome weekend!!

  7. I have so much to be thankful for, one of those things is your gentle reminder to keep those things in mind. So thank you Chandra!! Have the most wonderful (and relaxing) weekend xo

  8. I am grateful that I am feeling better, that I'm a praying woman and for my wonderful life.

  9. I am thankful for inspiration U give me through ur writing... I alwz have this feeling within me of writing something that will make my day little more happier.....and that I get through ur blogs everyday I read out them in the morning...
    Mad amounts of love to U..



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