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hello everyone.

let me just say, it was nice to be missed and thought of while the hubby and i were away.  we enjoyed our time and this blogger chose not to take any pictures but enjoy every moment. so, this will not be a post filled with photos (as there will be more adventures and photo ops to come). instead, this will be one of reflection...

with the car all packed and a happy dog in tow, we made it to the great state of michigan and stayed with my husband's sister and her family.  we loved on our nephews (as we had not seen them since the wedding) and enjoyed time by the pool, grilling out, and just being an aunt and uncle to two of the best boys ever.  we rode four wheelers, read books, played games, and celebrated my sweet boy's birthday. there were trucks and tractors, dance parties, cartoons, and cinnamon rolls too.

even more, those simple moments reminded me to enjoy the everyday...sitting around the kitchen table chatting it up with my sister in law and giggles with little ones who seem to find happy in just about anything. dogs playing in the backyard, mosquito bites, and ice cream + cake. it is in those moments that nothing else matters and it's moments like these i breathe in completely and tuck away in my mind...backup for those days when i may not be at my best and need them most.  life happens and things get in the way. but, we must try to carve out moments for ourselves and enjoy the little things (and people) we love.

enjoy your day friends.
find some happy in whatever you do and take some time to love on the ones who always have love for you.


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