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it's official, summer is here.

things are heating up and i think it's safe to say the heat is on.  and even though i do love some sunshine, i'm secretly longing for autumn. as a matter of fact, there are only 87 days until it arrives.  i know, i'm crazy and the fact that i even know this i'm sure makes me weird.  weird is ok, but really i can't take credit for this as i heard it mentioned on the news. and for this reason, my mind is secretly longing to wear layers, beanies, and cable knit sweaters.

so until then, thank goodness for summer hats + dresses, popscicles and ac.
for now i will enjoy the sunshine.
but secretly, my heart belongs to fall.

happy summer + tuesday friends.
make it a good one.
stay hydrated.
and take some time to enjoy the ones you love.


...oh and yes, the dog that so many of you have commented on and seem to adore and like to see around the blog is licking out her tongue...perhaps in protest of summer.  how rude!

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  1. Enjoy the summer sunshine doll!! It's a grey overcast day here, so not so much summer at the moment, but no rain, so I can't complain. Enjoy yourself...have fun :)) x

  2. love it!
    nice pics, yay for summer!

  3. How cute is that picture of you and the pup! If I could get my guy to sit still for a picture...

    I'm a sweater weather girl too. I love layers. Summer is hard because it's freeeeezing in the library and then burning up outside. I'm always afraid I'm going to get sick from the extreme temperature change.

    1. this one will ham it up for the camera when she wants to! and yes, cold buildings are the worst...i always have a sweater with me.

  4. You both are such a sweet sight, immediately brought a smile to my face Chandra! I need popsicles!!!!

  5. i would absolutely share...right after i go to the store!

  6. I love visiting your part of cyber space. Your pictures are beautiful. And, I love that you know how many days left until fall. I, too, look forward to crisp fall days.

    1. thank you amy! and i love when you stop by to visit;)

  7. You aren't weird, I love spring and fall.

  8. I am also looking forward to Autumn. Not even so much for layering, but for the absence of heat and humidity. It can't come fast enough! Stay cool! :-)

  9. Great shot of you and your dog. <3
    Autumn is my favorite season, so is Spring. But I'm trying to love the best of summer. Love the idea of a big floppy summer hat. Sometimes those don't work with my hair, but I was thinking a few days ago I might buy a paper parasol. I gotta let the freaky flag fly here in RI and stay protected, so it's a twofer!



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