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no blog post today?

the last thing i expected my husband to ask and come to find out, my hubby on occasion stops by here.  not sure how often, though.  but he did tell me sometimes he likes to pop in while he's at work.  at first i thought it was a little weird. but now, i think it's kind of cool that my hubby is either interested in what i have to say or just wants to see what his wife is up to. either way, i'm glad he's here.  so this one, my love, is just for you!

//dear sweet boy//
thank you so much for everything you do.  still not sure how i wound up with such a compassionate and caring person, but i did.  and regardless of my goof ups, you manage to love me through them all. i appreciate you for motivating me when we are out riding bikes... encouraging me to keep it moving.  maybe one day, that big hill will be mine. but until then, thanks for waiting for me at the top! i hope you have a good day and that work will be kind (and not stressful) to us both. and i'll see you when you get home...a nice little dinner will await you (provided this wife does not set off the smoke alarm, again!)

much love to you (and to all of you) who continue to stop by each day!  thanks for being here and for sharing a little part of your day with me. enjoy your weekend!


ps//my cool necklace came all the way from south africa from my girl nancy. you can check out her collection here.

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  1. So cute that your husband reads your blog! It's nice that he's interested in your hobbies and supportive. Awesome necklace!
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  2. So lovely...am happy your husband pops to your blog from time to time. Mine does as well. Of course he would as he takes my outfit photos, but he enjoys my posts as well :) Love that necklace, that is too gorgeous, I will have to have a look at your friends site indeed :)) Have a marvellous weekend doll :)

    1. yes, please check her out. everything she makes is quite unique and re-purposed from old vintage finds and metals. x

  3. I'm not sure if I am just becoming the most sentimental sap due to age, but this post (and your letter to your husband) brought tears to my eyes. It is so wonderful that your husband pops in to your e-space from time to time. Who could resist, you are such a talented writer and inspiring person. I hope you have a great weekend (all three of you!) xo

    1. now you are going to bring tears to my eyes! i guess we can be saps together!...wishing you a fun weekend and i look forward to hearing about your adventures (yes, this married lady has to live vicariously through you now)x

  4. So sweet. And here's to a fabulous {smokeless} dinner! I hope you both have a great weekend.

    The necklace? *swoon*

  5. This post is so sweet. My hubby reads my blog too and also reads my tweets...he is also very supportive and I am blessed to be married to him ! Love your necklace ! Kisses from Italy

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  6. Ohmygoodness what a sweet and wonderful post. My hubs doesn't read my blog and I wish he did. He would see all the gushing I do. ;) Love that necklace, you take the best photos wow...

  7. I think my husband reads mine too but he doesn't admit to it. He asks me the same thing, when we were on our little trip last week he suggested pictures for me to take to blog about.

  8. how sweet!
    my husband reads my blog too :)

  9. I think it's awesome that he doesn't think it's weird and uses it to "get to know you better"....my husband subscribes to my blog and reads it. I think it's a good way of him knowing the emotions that I somehow don't know how to express except through the written word....-Jessica L

  10. I love your words, so very much!!!

  11. How sweet!! Isn't it nice to be loved??!! My hubby snaps my pics for my blog


    PS I'm now following. Love your style!



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