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be filled with laughter, greatness, and love.
may your challenges not overcome you, for they will be conquered.
may your worries find another place to reside, as you will not allow them to take up space within you.

may this day include all that you need, desire, and want.
it will be a day to create, work, and achieve.
a day to push forward in making that dream a reality...
starting over...and making things anew.

this is the day you have now.
make it count.
do what matters.
and make sure it is done with your heart's purist intent and love.

may this day be all that you hoped for,
bring you much peace, and end with love.
and may this day be kind not only to us,
but that we will show a little kindness to all we meet along the way.

it's monday again.
have a little breakfast and bring it on!

*sunlight fine art print by siiso

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  1. Wonderful...perfect way to start the day :)) Not too much sunshine here either, but no rain. We had all that during the weekend. Hope the rain helps & then the sunshine comes out to play soon :) Have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  2. lovely! really helpful for me to read that on this monday - always so tough to get back into the groove again. have a lovely week dear!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. So beautiful. Wish I had read this before I went on a rant about traffic early this morning. I have to remember to find beauty and grace in each and every day. Have a great week.

  4. I love this bit of motivation! I had a wonderful Monday but this brought it to a positive end, so thank you Chandra xo

  5. Love this - great way to start the week have a fantastic one

  6. wishing an amazing week for you all!

  7. You always put things into perspective and start my week out full of hope and inspiration. Thank you!

  8. I loved reading this!

    Thank you. (:

  9. Wonderful wordings :) glad stumbled up on your blog.. Luvley blog u hve :)



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