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watch this//a pep talk for you


i cannot get enough of this kid and the amazing way in which he inspires.
i think we all can take a page from his book.
and if you know someone who could use a little pep talk today...
pass it along.

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  1. Like I just fell in love with this kid...he is beautiful!! And I adored the message too...how marvellous and so true!! Will share this on Monday, I loved it :))) I hope you have an awesome day doll xx

  2. I'll need to take another look when I get home (streaming media blocked at work) but I can't wait to!
    Have a great day Chandra xo

  3. Oh Chandra!! I had noticed this video floating around, but hadn't taken the time to watch it. THANK YOU for sharing it today! He made me smile and have happy tears! What an awesome kid! "Not cool Robert Frost!" LOL! Love it! Love you!

  4. He is a cutie so glad his video is getting around

    1. me too...truly a message for us all.

  5. I've watched this video six times...today. :) He brings a smile to my face every time! Thank you again!



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