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happy friday everyone!

i hope this week was good to you all and you are looking forward to the weekend. in case you missed it or have been unplugged from the world of social media for the past few weeks, google is making some changes and has decided to do away with it's reader. you can read all about it here in dana's post.  so for safe measure, here's where you can find us on the web and we hope you will stay connected and continue to tag along with us.

we are listed on bloglovin' ... not only can you follow the blog here and get instant post updates, but you can also follow all your favorite blogs.  convenient...user friendly...and sign up is free! for those on twitter, post are tweeted here as well and my i.d. is @ilovescribbles. and if you miss one, use #astylishlittlelady in the search box to retrieve them all. also, if anyone wants to receive their daily dose of a stylish little lady in their inbox, you can submit your email address over on the sidebar. hopefully these options will allow you to stay with us as we enjoy having you here!

have a great weekend and many thanks to all of you for showing my friend annie (and her shop) so much love!  the giveaway is still going on, so if you have not yet entered, now's your chance by clicking here. and for other giveaways to enter, check out sophie's friday linkup.

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