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... my favorite color is black, i don't follow fashion trends, and i don't like dressing like everyone else.  so today, this outfit is mostly thrift.  the shirt and pants were thrifted and i added the jacket (which is part of a suit) i found at nordstrom by ellen tracy.

happy wednesday friends!

dress for you.
dress the way you feel.
and wear what you like.


*sharing this post with the pleated poppydear abby leigh

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  1. I agree with you doll! I don't follow trends, I don't even know what they are most times because I don't pay attention. I just buy what I like & that's it. I think if more did that, they'd be happy with themselves. And I love black...it always looks good with anything. I have to say I love love your trousers, they are marvellous, I would wear those ;) Have a gorgeous day doll xx

  2. Nothing wrong with any of that Chandra. I love this outfit... very fitting for a business casual office. :-) And OMG! How tall are you?! Such long legs!

  3. Those pants are such a find I love the print! I love thrifting and would rather do that most of the time than buy things overpriced that may be a bit too out there to wear too often. I wear a lot of black too :)

  4. love this outfit. these pants are such an amazing find! you always look great - i think dressing for ourselves is the big key. have a great wednesday!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  5. every week, your pictures have such energy and spirit. dress for you - i love it!

  6. i totally dig your style philosophy. dress in what makes you happy!!!!! and black is absolutely the best color ever!

  7. I'm completely with you on this. I do like some trends, like peplum, but only because I think it's flattering on me and I love how I feel in it. As a general rule, I wear what I love. On the rare occasions when I've forced an outfit because I saw something similar on someone else, I felt like a stranger in my own body. If I don't like it on a very personal level, I won't wear it.

  8. this is my favorite outfit of yours. love the necklace and the pants especially. smart fabulousness!



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