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5 things//you may or may not want to know


1/ i have some musical ability as i learned how to play piano at an early age (and can still play).  and back in the day, i was a first chair clarinet player, but more than likely could not play the thing today if my life depended on it.

2/ my husband and i are both freaks of nature and love being outdoors.  i mostly like to hike and ride my bike, but when adventure calls, we have been known to flightline down canyons and zipline thru the trees. what's next?  not sure, but my guess would be something involving water since my sweet boy loves scuba and rafting.

3/ and speaking of the husband...ever wonder how we met?  i swore off online dating, but a friend dared me to set up a profile online and leave it there for three months. i took her up on it and within a month, i met my husband and never returned online (at least to date) again. so yes, there are some crazies out there but fortunately, i made out good. truth be told, love can be found online.

4/ i've been asked if i was a writer in a past life and the answer is no.  i do love writing and have expressed that at times on the blog, so i thank you for allowing me to indulge and dabble in it here.

5/ and finally, my photos.  they are taken by me.   so thank you for your compliments.  i have no clue as to what i'm doing, but at least you have a glimpse as to what's going on in my world...even if it's not always in focus!

so there you have it.
5 things you may or may not have wanted to know (about me).

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  1. I wish I could play an instrument...but I can sing...so that's ok. I love the outdoors as well, there is always peace to be found in being outside :))) Though, I am in need of getting myself some new outside shoes :) Wonderful pieces of you...I hope you had a magical weekend and your new week will be splendid xx

  2. I absolutely LOVE when my favorite bloggers make posts like these, they're like a glimpse into their personal lives. I also love music and began voice lessons at 5, piano at six (took lessons for 11 years) and violin at 10 (studied for 8 years.) I can still play random songs on the piano, I feel so lucky it was something my parents pushed me towards.

    You are so talented in your writing and photography Chandra, thank you for sharing both (and these 5 things) with us xo

    1. {kizzy + georgina}...i have some singers in the house...sweet! i sadly, cannot carry a tune!

  3. LOVED this post. Loved getting to know you a bit better. I enjoy your inspiring blog so it's nice to get to know the blogger herself a bit better.

  4. You are one special lady! Brave, bold, dynamic! Yay for online love. I am glad that it does work and not just savvy advertising at work. Thanks for sharing!! My oldest daughter made 4th chair Alto Sax for our state!! We just arrived home last night from her concert. I am still in awe of these young musicians.

    Happy Week to you and yours.

  5. Always good to know a little more :D

  6. I love learning more about you...

    When I was a kid I used to pray that I would wake up with the ability to play piano. Not take lessons but just play. Silly kid. But I love to hear others play.

    I sooooo want to do something crazy outdoorsy blow my dome exciting. I may have to live vicariously, so post lots of pictures of your adventures.

  7. your photos are really great, so i'm so impressed! i've been thinking of getting a fancier camera and it's really daunting, but seeing all the gorgeous photos in blogland makes me want to step up my game. and so jealousyou can play piano. i always wished i had learned.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  8. I love when we share little tidbits about ourselves. I may have to do that in the near future. I love your photographs, to the non professional eye they look great!

  9. I appreciate learning little tidbits about people. I love your photographs, to me they are what makes your blog so special!

  10. Awesome! Nice to hear some of this...and you would die if you knew how much we have in common just from this list of five. *love*

  11. oooh! Thanks for sharing with us, Chandra. I love reading posts like this... I used to play the clarinet too, but that was in like, middle school. I would love to start playing again. (My neighbors would hate me! haha)And it's sweet learning a bit about you and your husband as well. :-)



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