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::hello february::

it's so nice to see you even though i know the thought of warmer temps will not prevail.
i will not complain, but enjoy (or at least try to) whatever coldness you may bring.
on your first day, we have packed up all our winter gear and away we go.
 my hope is the airport will be a happy place, there will be no delays, and our flight...uneventful.

you will be a month of birthday celebrations, remembering history, and of course valentine's day.
i'm glad you will be a month filled with love and my hope is it will continue on well after you're gone.

hello february.
let's get acquainted, shall we?.

::happy weekend friends::
 if you get bored or need to pass the time away, you can catch up on some oldies like...

one of the easiest diy projects ever, color block earrings.
remember esteban?  you can read more about him here.
just in time for valentine's day...a cute necklace.
and finally,meet my friend buddy marley.

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  1. I love February (and not just because it's my birthday month and Black History Month) but because it's the shortest month and signals that spring isn't too far away!

    Hoping you have the most wonderful weekend Chandra xo

  2. Happy weekend, friend! Have a lovely time away!

  3. A trip...hmmm. Sounds interesting. Have a wonderful weekend and a lovely trip.

  4. Hello, dear! Loved your Etsy picks...have you ever seen those wine goblets made out of a mason jar, with a stem underneath? I think you need one of those as well. :) Stay cuddly!

    1. yes! some friends gave us a pair to use as toasting glasses at our wedding! we still have them...and yes, i still use it!

  5. Replies
    1. thank you! and i'm glad you continue to read;)

  6. YAY! Happy February!
    This is my birthday month too (?) so I feel you on the celebrations. It's also my brother's and mother-in-law's birthday month!
    Personally I am a 70-77 degree person...not really a fan of below or above, but would choose cold over hot.
    Hope your's is as fun as I am hoping mine will be! :)

    1. yes! a milestone birthday for you;)how exciting!

  7. Such a great photo of the Philly skyline!
    I can't believe it's February already! Is this your birthday month, Chandra?

    1. no birthday for me yet...i'll be celebrating the birthday's of friends;)

  8. Happy February!! I'm glad to see this month and I know it will go by as well. Sun will reach us all soon, we just need to hold on!! I hope it's a wonderful month full of exciting things for you!! xx



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