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did i tell ya about the time...


...i wanted to make a jalapeno beer cheese soup for my sweet boy?

well here's how it went down.

my husband loves this stuff and me being the sweet little wife i am, decided i would cook him up a batch.  this husband of mine is a good man.  and i do try to feed him well.  he's endured tofu, vegan dishes (as there are moments when i like a meatless meal) and my creative dinners. he has a stomach of steel i tell ya and will eat whatever i bring to the table. he's an honest critic and for that i am grateful.

well back to the beer cheese soup...

things were going well until i tasted the ale i was suppose to use.  it was bad. i did not have enough cheese (say what?) and i forgot to mind the pot while i was adding the flour (as this stuff globs up if you don't continue to stir) and so my soup was now goop!

//meanwhile, the husband is on his way home.//

think fast. think quick!  creamy broccoli cheese soup it is.  and to make sure he won't miss the beer cheese version, i'll top his off with a little bacon! yes, i know the way to this man's heart.

and so it was on this thursday night, disaster was avoided, the kitchen was a wreck, and my husband enjoyed his meal.

and that was the time i tried to make beer cheese soup.

the end.


<<ps...read on for the recipe>>

//gather it up//

2 tbsp. butter
1/2 medium onion or 1 shallot diced
4 cups milk 
1/3 cup all purpose flour
2 cups half & half
1/8 tsp. nutmeg (can be omitted)
3-4 heads of broccoli (cut into florets)
3 cups sharp cheddar cheese (or whatever you like)
salt + fresh ground black pepper to taste
2 cups vegetable broth

melt butter in a pot over medium heat and saute your onion about 4-5 minutes.  slowly whisk in your flour until it is lightly brown. if this starts to glob up on you, whisk in some milk.   gradually add in remaining milk, half and half, vegetable broth, nutmeg, salt and pepper. continue whisking until well incorporated.  add broccoli and let simmer until it is tender (about 15 min.).  stir in your cheese (add a little at a time) until soup is a smooth consistency.  if you don't want large pieces of broccoli in your soup, you can puree it with an immersion blender. serve with crusty bread and top with whatever you like (i used a little green onion + crumbled bacon)

all measurements are approximate since i'm a "dump" cooker.  for a reduced fat version, eliminate butter (use cooking spray or a butter substitute), reduced fat milk + cheese. if you like a thicker soup...add more flour. and whatever you do...no processed cheese!  it may be easier to melt, but i promise, using the real stuff taste so much better.

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  1. Sorry the first version didn't go to plan, but the remedy sounds just as lovely!! Looks wonderful, love soup :))) I hope you have a stunning week doll xx

  2. Quick thinking!! I also love soup {and our weather has been most accommodating as of late}.

  3. hilarious!! plan b is always still a GREAT plan!

  4. Oooo. Yummy! Do you have a recipe for the soup you made?

    More Modern Modesty

  5. Cute story! And yes, bacon makes all things better. Ha! Will you be trying the beer soup recipe again?

  6. You are AMAZING! Thank you for making me smile! I love a good food-disaster-aversion story!!

  7. always good when you can avert a food disaster :D

  8. This may work well in my slow cooker. Looks yummy! I love broccoli cheese soup. I've never had jalapeño beer cheese soup. I'm intrigued.

    1. yes! i would have done that if i had more time!

  9. What a sweet and funny tale. I am sure this will be one of those stories you tell, from when you were first married, years and years to come.

  10. hi dear! just found your blog and i love it! would you like to follow each other?

  11. LOL this reminds me of my own cooking exploits! Glad it worked out.

  12. You're such a hilarious little story teller Faith! You're so sweet for trying, next time things will go better :)

  13. My first thought when it turned to goop was to take out some tortilla chips and call them nachos!!! Haha. I like your broccoli and cheese version as well :-)




  14. genius!...may not have looked all that appealing when plated up but i'm sure it would have been some good eats;)

  15. Quick thinking that can only come from an experienced cook. I've never tried making a creamy soup before, so I'm not sure I would have been able to save dinner with that one... The cheesy broccoli seems delicious, though!

  16. "A" for effort, and in this case, the outcome! Sounds delish, my dear! And baaaacon....always the perfect garnish for a cheesy soup. Yum!

  17. Too funny! Well your creamy broccoli soup looks delicious! Happy to be a new follower of yours :)

    Kristen & Jamie



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