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i met a man while wearing this...


{the husband is ok with it}...  you see, this man was grocery shopping. 

I have a habit of sorts where sometimes when I'm by myself  in public, people just start talking to me for no reason.   And usually, I oblige with a conversation.  On this day, I made a run for some fresh vegetables and fruit.  I'm picky about my veggies so I was scouring over the spinach, making sure it was just right.  Seems I wasn't the only one who likes to be meticulous about their greens. Walter, the man I met, is too.

 Walter was picking up some things for his sweet little wife of 25 years.  Twenty-five amazing years.  Being the newlywed that I am, I let Walter know I was enjoying the beginnings of married life and hoped my sweet boy would talk about me with the same affection and love he has for his wife twenty-five years from now.  What's the secret I had to ask.  How have you managed to stay together all this time? One simple thing...  the wife is always right!

I smiled and he did too. 

I left Walter picking over more vegetables.  When I arrived home I sent a message to my sweet boy simply saying "I Love You." Oh, and that I picked up a lottery ticket. Which of course had nothing to do with anything except for the fact that I....#hopewewin and that this wife is right about the numbers she picked.

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sweater + beanie, target//skirt, gap//scarf, nine west
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  1. Beautiful you...I love having conversations with random people on the street, it's so much fun. And usually an older lady or man that I talk to. What she said was great, I like that. Hope you have a sweet day doll xx

  2. Too sweet. Walter sounds like a gentle soul. I usually attract the attention of strangers too.

    I love the skirt and boots, shoot, I'll take it all!


    1. hmmm! we might need to work something out. you have some things in your closet i could get with too!

  3. What a sweet conversation. I've heard many men say that is the secret to a long marriage. It must be true. :-)
    Also, I love your outfit! It's something I'd totally wear!

    1. hopefully, both of our hubbs have been clued in and know "the secret" :)

  4. Your story made me smile.
    Your pictures made me feel warm and glad that I'm wearing tights too!


  5. You are so very awesome! This post made me smile a lot. Thank you!

  6. Watta sweet conversation...it made me smile :) Love your outfit hun!

    Hey your new follower here :)
    Come visit us sometime and would love if you join us on GFC too!

    1. well thanks for the invite...i'll see you soon.

  7. Such a cute story! I love seeing older married couples, just makes my heart go all pitter patter. :-)

    Love your outfit,

  8. So cute that story it also makes me happy when I see longstanding married couples still in love

  9. How sweet. I love that people are drawn to you and that you often engage back in conversation. What a lovely and memorable exchange you and Walter had.

    And, I hope you win!!!

  10. Wow, I hope our marriage will last that long although we´re gonna be on our 6th this year! I´m with you on ¨the wife´s always rignt¨ thing. ;)

    Cute skirt, would love to wear that on spring or summer too!



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