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HW + a giveaway winner


Happy weekend!  I hope it's filled with date nights, movies, home cooked meals, and spending time with the ones you love.

I will be enjoying my sweet boy of course and a little bit of football.

Whatever you do, have fun and I'll see you back here next week.


if you are...

Wonderful love giveaways - I follow you with Google, twitter, pinterest and your blog comes to my email :D glad you didn't give up on all of us once you got married.

You've just won a $50 gift certificate!  Yes, you!...  drop me a line {chandrascribbles (@) gmail.com}.  I need your email info so uncommon goods can hook you up.   

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  1. Sweet post! I love the 'rooster' sauce you have pictured...we love it with rice and beans...mmmmmm

  2. Gorgeous pictures...I hope you have a splendid weekend doll & enjoy yourself!! xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  3. I love these pics!
    Enjoy your weekend, Chandra! :-D

  4. I always love your photos! You pretty much summed up my weekend in its entirety! I hope you have a wonderful one also Chandra xo

  5. Loving the pictures hope you enjoy the weekend - you made me smile what a lovely surprise to win. Thank you for the competition :D

  6. what a great mosaic. i'm starting my weekend off having been into the dentist for the 2nd time this week because I have a dry socket. boo. so i'll be eating lots of yogurt & maybe drowning my sorrows with a Stella Artois. have a joyous weekend my friend!



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