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hello there.



Thanks for taking valuable time out of your day to be here. Yes! I know there are far more important things for you to do, but I'm glad you're here. Consider me the welcome committee, hospitality crew and personal tour guide rolled up in one. Oh, and the dog welcomes you too.

So what are we up to around here?  I like to keep things sweet and simple and not so serious, even though I can be serious when need be. On any given day, you may find something I've cooked up in my kitchen and a craft or two. I'll share my love of art and on occasion, give you a glimpse of what I like to wear. I will also share my love of handmade, etsy, and upcoming artists.
This blog of mine is for the purpose of preserving the beautiful things in life. Consider it an escape from your personal mess or whatever is going on. Yes we all have mess, issues and struggles we must overcome. But sometimes in fighting those battles, we just need a little break.

With that being said, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance and so nice to meet you!

Now be on your way and go find something here that makes your heart smile and inspires.


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