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and the weekend...


...went a little something like this.

it was cold.  it snowed.  it rained.
i had coffee.  i had tea.
consumed noodle soup and homemade pizza.
we snuggled under blankets and watched tv.
the dog napped. we napped.
ate some chips.
wondered why it was so freakin' cold.
wore fuzzy pajamas.
got dressed up.
had a night out with friends.
the dog got a new toy.
my sweet boy smoked a brisket.
watched some basketball and hockey.
went to bed.
and then it was monday.

enjoy it people.
and have a great day.


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  1. Sounds grand, despite the weather being cold. Am glad you enjoyed yourself!! Here's to a wonderful new week for you :)) x

  2. My weekend involved lots of tea and blankets too. That mushy snow did not inspire me to go out at all. The sun is shining now though, but here I am inside behind my computer. I should probably do something about that;)

    Have a lovely week!


    1. enjoy the sunshine for me...we still have none.

  3. It sounds like you got to have some quality time which must have been nice! I hope you have a wonderful day too Chandra!

  4. Awesome weekend! Sounds perfect. I tried to teach V the meaning if the word chill and relax. Didn't work.

    1. secretly laughing...how can i not, she's too cute!

  5. my weekends are pretty similar! and now it's monday and dark out already and rainy sigh. spring will be here soon hopefully!! your doggie is a cutie!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  6. Ok, I almost thought you were describing my weekend until you got to your sweet boy making you a brisket :). Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  7. I love relaxing weekends, I live for them as a matter of fact!

  8. What a perfect weekend! And I agree about the cold...I cannot get warm! Please summer, pleeease!



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