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Snapshots of our holiday in the making...



With the craziness that has been our life, holiday decorating has taken a back seat.  I'm late on sending out thank you cards for our wedding and have not begun to mail a single Christmas card either. Would it be bad of me to combine the two?   Regardless, we are grateful and happy for our first holiday together as husband and wife, even if the house is not completely decked with boughs of holly!   What's going on at your place?  Have you trimmed your tree?

1. candy canes, served on a holiday plate of course// 2. our mantle// 3. ornaments with no tree// 4. wrapped presents for a special teen// 5. the dog, complete with plastic lights

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday...we left the tree down this year and put up small sentimental items, which has been so much nicer actually. I hope you get everything done and enjoy x

  2. What a beautiful glimpse into your world. Enjoy your first Christmas as a Mrs.

  3. Oh, I love holiday photos and Christmas cheer! Of course, I love dogs too. Glad to hear you and your hubby are spending your first Christmas together- me and the hubby are spending our first Christmas together in our home too. -Jessica L

  4. looks great!! Merry Christmas together!

  5. Congratulations dear Chandra! I hope you will be very very VERY happy together!!! The pics are gorgeous xxx

  6. Congrats on your first Christmas together being married. The picture are so lovely. If it was me I'd cheat and do aT hank you card/Christmas card in one ;)



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