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i"m wearing this...


...and no, it's not festive or filled with Christmas cheer and I'm ok with that.  It's clean, comfortable, and me!    Not to mention, I love wearing these shoes, because I wore them on my wedding day.  So...there's nothing exciting going on around here. 
The dog is napping.
It's cloudy outside.
The Lumineers are playing away in the background.
 And I still have lots more work to do.
Have an amazing Wednesday, friends! 

I'm wearing: shirt, thrifted// cowl sweater, thrifted// jeans, j.crew//shoes, bc footwear
*sharing this post with the pleated poppy

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  1. Great shoes! Nice outfit too. You look comfortable in it, like you own that look.

    Thanks for stopping by The Domestic Fringe this morning. It's nice to meet a new reader!


  2. I love the color combination and you wedding shoes are cute! That's awesome that they are wearable for everyday.. Not sure if I know where mine are and I probably wouldn't wear them again.

  3. Really great shoes! Nothing wrong with a nice calm day. :) Enjoy!

  4. I love the Lumineers! And those shoes! Great work friend! Have an amazing Wednesday!

  5. How sweet you can wear your wedding shoes whenever you want. So sweet. I love your tattoo peeking out.

  6. Glad you are having a good day - great shoes :D

  7. Chanced upoon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  8. I do like those shoes. So very cute. Love smooth sailing days...

  9. In love with your shoes! Are they wedges or do they have chunky-heels?

  10. LOL. What a cute post. You are so honest. And I like those shoes. Yes I do, even if they are not festive.

  11. I think you look great, perfect for this time of year!! And those shoes are precious!! xx

  12. I love BC Footwear, they are always so comfortable. Great shoes!



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