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a day of silence


no diy today...no food...fashion or art. 
In light of the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, I am joining with fellow bloggers to remember this community and all those who have been affected.  This world we live in can be a beautiful place even when struck with tragedy, bringing people together who otherwise would never have met.  From this, we are enlightened of the importance of enjoying each day and the realization our life here is to be celebrated.  Out of devastation and hurt new meaning can emerge, an awakening of sorts, to be thankful for love and those around us.  Above all, to reach out (even if for a moment of silence) to remember, reflect, and say a prayer.

I ask you to join me. 
Take a brief moment out of your day to remember those who have been affected, to remain optimistic and send well wishes their way.  Even more, believe all our thoughts and prayers together can make a difference, will comfort, and encourage us to live and be of service to others.   Not just in tragedy, but every single day. 

*photo taken by  michael bitzenhofer

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  1. This is a beautiful post - thank you Chandra!

  2. A beautiful post from a beautiful person.
    Blessings to you my friend for your compassion!

  3. I admire you and respect you, I always have but you so eloquently put into words what I have been struggling so much to articulate. I continue to admire you and respect you, not because you are asking for it but because you deserve it. You are the voice of inspiration that I needed.

  4. Beautiful sentiment.

  5. That's beautiful! Taking my own moment of silence right now...



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