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my stylish peeps + three


Everyone needs some stylish peeps in their life.  You know, the ones who have a unique sense of style, self confidence that commands a room, a compassion and love for life,  and are truly talented in their own right.  These ladies are so different, bringing a style all their own.  I'm glad to know them, have gained inspiration whenever I read their blogs, and thrive off the creativity and positive vibe they bring to the world.  No introductions necessary... just three words.

What's your style in three?

Find them here:

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  1. This was so nice of you to do, the other ladies are quite marvelous too!! I really appreciate the kindness!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!! :) x

  2. Thanks doll....you are freaking awesome!

  3. You ladies look amazing/lovely/super stylish! Love each look! Beautiful gals for sure!

    Oh Chandra I so meant to join ya for this! Uggg. So sorry. I promise if ya ever do this again, I will so be here! (if you'll still have my bum? ) lol

  4. Thank you so much for having me =) and I am lucky to be grouped with such awesome ladies!

  5. I need some style lol I wear jeans and a t-shirt and my all stars everyday lol I haven't found any other style for myself yet lol


  6. I would say: vintage, vibrant and classic - I can never go to far from an old fashioned look so falling in to the thrifting world was a perfect place for me.

    Adorable styles ladies!



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