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the carter family portrait//a stylish little lady
the carter family portrait//a stylish little lady
the carter family portrait//a stylish little lady
what up friends?

it's monday again and i think i could have used a bit more sleep.  how was your weekend? we were pretty low key around here ... mostly basketball watching as we are sucked into march madness and catching up on our ever growing library of recorded tv.  oh, and then there were tacos!  still trying to get myself in the groove of a new week though, so to kick things off, i thought i would share the carter family portrait gallery.  this tumblr is a collection of iconic art that has been superimposed with the likeness of the king and queen of the music biz (along with their baby girl) into each masterpiece.  hilarious, but quite impressive i must say.

it's monday again friends.
let's get her done!

peace to your heart.

ps.  you can see more of the carters here . 
unique embroidery art here .
and coffee art here.


handmade wall hangings//a stylish little lady

hello sweet friends.

it's been awhile ... i know, i know. but the past couple of weeks have been crazy!  there's been lots of travel, a stomach virus for me ... one head cold for the sweet boy ... and a dog that had to pay a visit to the vet for some meds.  but, i'm pleased to report all is well on the home front and we are now feeling good and in the best of spirits. we were dropping like flies over here, but with winter storms hopefully behind us and sunshine on the horizon, we can't complain.

and speaking of home fronts?  i thought i would share my latest obsession.  i love a good piece of art or some memories captured in photographs on the wall, but my latest love is hanging something a little less traditional.  you may remember this hanging and i thought i would share a few handmade ones that caught my eye.

so what's your take?  are you a traditionalist when it comes to decorating your walls?
i'd love to hear what you having hanging over at your place.

peace to your heart.

ps//you can find them here:
abstract driftwood mobile
hand carved indian wood cow bells
tribal mobile
abstract brass + gunmetal hanging


teresa lim embroidery art//a stylish little lady

teresa lim embroidery art//a stylish little lady

teresa lim embroidery art//a stylish little lady

teresa lim embroidery art//a stylish little lady
hello sweet friends.

it's the middle of the week and i hope it is treating you just fine.
more than anything, i thought i would give you a break from your day ... a quick little tour around the world, documented with a needle and thread.

teresa lim, a textile designer and illustrator has managed to capture scenic landscapes with her embroidery hoop. much like a camera, her embroidered landscapes allow her to document a moment in time which will never be forgotten. even more, these little textile creations are a reminder for us to just enjoy the moment and allow ourselves to be completely consumed by it.

it's another wednesday.
find a moment in your day where you can just be ... no phone, no email.
just enjoy the moment.

peace to your heart.


vintage valentine's day cards//a stylish little lady
dear people of the blog.

it's friday the 13th.  it's all good.  nothing bad going on around here.  and tomorrow is valentine's day. do you celebrate with your person? my take is this ... i think it's great and all, but i like to spread my lovin' throughout the entire year, not just one day.  but, i do love a good vintage valentine's day card as they take me back to the days of going to pick out a box for classmates.  or when i was really in the spirit, i would break out the construction paper to make my own. celebrating the 14th is good, but the 15th is even better, because let's face it, that's when all the candy goes on sale and you can stock up! yes, i said that.  you are welcome, because i know you are thinking it too.

enjoy your weekend of love.
send yourself into a chocolate bliss.
make a card or two.
and be sure to take some time to love on those who love you best!

and before i send you off into the weekend ...
this giveaway will be ending soon.
easy valentine's day wreath and cards to make.
no time for that?  there's a collection of vintage cards available as a download here.
the postcard shown can be found here along with other love themed cards.  a cute kangaroo card here and a poodle one  here .. just in case you want to get a jump start on next year! 

peace to your heart.


sonadora driftwood hanging//a stylish little lady
hello friday and hello friends.

i'm glad this week is over and i'm looking forward to the weekend ahead and i hope you have something fun and/or relaxing planned.  we will be hanging out with friends on saturday which more than likely will turn into a garage party (with records of course).

so to send us off into the weekend i thought i would share another etsy fave and an item that has found a place in our home.  this handmade driftwood piece is by sonadora.  it has quickly become one of my favorites because if it's simplicity and organic nature.  so if you are a fan of textile and fiber wall art, be sure to check out lisa's spot as she has a handmade collection that would compliment any space.

this concludes friday's post.
be sure to take a little time to love on those who love you best and i'll see you back here next week.

peace to your heart.

ps//if you haven't entered the giveaway, you can check it out here.  and another etsy favorite found here.  

EAT ... WEAR ... MAKE ... LOVE ...

eat wear make love//a stylish little lady
i've been on a serious cheese and cracker kick.  loving figurative art.  easy diy's.  and the color black ... nails, clothing, you name it.  so this little collection is perfect and embodies everything that seems to be swirling around my head as of late.

what are you eating, wearing, making or loving these days?

find them here//
multi seed cracker recipe
say you love me maxi dress
tube lamp diy
art print

ps//more eat ... wear ... make ... love ... posts can be found here.

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