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happy friday + halloween.

are you dressed in costume, stocked up on candy, and ready to trick or treat?  i think the sweet boy and i are going to have a dinner out (not in costume though)! i can't remember the last time i dressed up, but you may remember this throwback from when our dog was in costume for a charity event or our evening at the haunted pub crawl.

make it a great weekend and be sure to take a little time to love on those who love you best!

ps//here's some cool indie designers that i think you should know, so follow the links and be sure to check out their stuff. AND ... stop by on monday for the #handmade holiday giveaway! you don't want to miss it as you will have the chance to win $200 in store credits to kickstart your holiday shopping!

now on to the creative peeps ...
+ this lovely wall hanging was created by phaedra from bohemian harvest. not only does she create minimalist wall hangings + weavings, but has a selection of organic earthen goods too.

+ looking for some cool weather accessories?  lianna of salem style has a collection of crocheted goodies to keep you nice and warm.

+find some cute fine art photography gifts at ashleigh holdges photo ... throw pillows and canvas bags to name a few.

+you may remember alison storry jewelry.  she creates modern bohemian jewelry perfect for every day.

+ and check out sugar lane for handmade robes, turbans and accessories created using indian silks.

peace to your heart.


fall kale salad recipe
fall kale salad recipe
here's another go to salad recipe.  it's easy to make ... quite nutritional ... and works great as a lazy dinner when my husband is traveling and i don't have anyone to cook for kinda meal.

here's what i used//
spinach (raw)
kale (raw) with the center rib removed as i like the greens only
broccoli florets (raw)
dried cranberries
slithered almonds
diced apple
champagne vinaigrette (i like poppy seed dressing with this too)

here's how i used it//
throw all your chopped veggies, almonds, and fruit into a bowl and toss with dressing.

ps//if you don't like the bitter taste of kale, try massaging it a bit before chopping.  yes, give it a little love (you can add a drop of olive to speed up the process).  this will help soften the greens and sweeten them up a little.  if you like meat in your salad, try adding some grilled chicken breast or a slice of chopped bacon.  and one more thing ...  if you need more greens, here's another salad i like to munch on too.



well hello, hello.
it's so nice to connect with you again!  the past couple of weeks have been busy ones, leaving little time to do much of anything and i hope this post finds you in a good place and in the best of spirits. any plans for the weekend? not sure what's on our agenda, but i hope some lounging around under cozy blankets will be a main event. yes, downtime is much needed!

whatever you do have fun and be sure to take a little time to love on those who love you best!

peace to your heart.

ps//some good stuff you may have missed ...
a throwback from a halloween past.
need some handmade knits for cooler days?  check out two of my etsy faves here and here.
easy chicken pot pie.
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a stylish little lady
dear people of the blog ...

i went thrifting this week with a friend and came home with 2 pumpkins.  granted i did not need them, nor was i on the hunt for pumpkins but what can i say, i got suckered in only because they were new with tags + dirt cheap.  not to mention, i don't really have any fall decor (and admittedly am not a fan of the stuff you find at the craft store). my husband thinks i'm anti traditional and there may be some truth to that.  so these work for me ... their not orange, you can't carve them, and they will last for years to come since they're made from twine and rope.  now the question becomes ... where to put them?  they have been moved around and are currently resting on the floor. the dog thought they were new toys but quickly realized pumpkins just aren't fun or worth the time.

so this concludes the tale of 2 orphan pumpkins that found a home and will have a happy holiday even if they are just on the floor.

happy weekend from me and my pumpkins.
enjoy yourselves.
and take a little time to love on those who love you best!

ps//these are great posts from the week too ...
my latest diy, a moss wreath.
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and mark your calendar (11/3) for the kickoff of another #handmadeholiday giveaway!


moss wreath//a stylish little lady
moss wreath//a stylish little lady
moss wreath//a stylish little lady
hello friends.  today's post is brought to you by my need to find an easy design for our front door that was not only welcoming but added a bit of interest.  my solution ... a wreath made of moss.  i like this wreath because it is low maintenance, simple, and a bit eclectic with all the little dangles.  it's a perfect modern take on traditional decor as it is a little unexpected with a bit of whimsy. you'll just need a few things to create one of your own ....

moss ( i used live, but the artificial or preserved works too)
styrofoam florist wreath
floral U pins
twine + clip for hanging (or whatever you like)

just take your moss and pin into place all around your wreath until it is completely covered (and there is no evidence of the foam showing). that's it!

ps//if you are using live moss, i usually give mine a spritz of water once a week.  it will turn a dark green when wet and once it dries, it will be a silvery gray. also, if you want to add a bit of color, you could easily mix in some fall berries or leaves.

EAT ... WEAR ... MAKE ... LOVE ...

eat,wear,make,love//a stylish little lady
camping anyone?

this little collection is inspired by cooler temps, the smell of a burning fire, and cozy sleeping bags. nothing beats a warm meal (or beverage) cooked over the fire while wearing a fleece hoodie. and after dinner, you can snuggle up in that tent and make yourself some branch weavings.  seriously, these are the makings for a great weekend!

find them here//
swedish coffee recipe
fleece club jacket
diy branch weaving
vintage style tent

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