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i love art where its creator is able to work the canvas and create interesting textures, color, and composition. so ... consider this a plug for a really talented artist.  her name is gwen and she creates beautiful, vibrant one of a kind paintings that reflect people, places, and the everyday.  i love her cityscapes and was thrilled to get a piece of her art (the one up top) as a keepsake of our time spent in philadelphia. she also creates figurative and urban fine art paintings and has lots to choose from in her etsy shop.  
gwen myerson
gwen meyerson art/a stylish little lady
go check her out if your walls are in need some color and you want to update your space with an edgy, urban vibe.   she has originals as well as prints.  you can find her here.
gwen meyerson art


airplant wall art/a stylish little lady
so remember when i said i would be working on an airplant display?  i know, i know, that was awhile ago, but i finally got around to finishing it up.  what do you think?  this was not hard to make ... just had to figure some things out along the way! and once i got going, it was pretty easy to assemble.


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a house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless ~ may sarton

seeing how the past couple of weeks i've talked alot about home and my current preoccupation with finding inspiration for our space i thought i would throw in a few chairs.  after all, we need chairs, right?  and given the fact there are so many to choose from, i thought i would share a few of my favorites and maybe you will like them too.  seriously, this took me a minute to narrow them down and dang the internet for an overabundance of options.  back in the day when i had my first place (a studio) selecting furniture was easy. it was either thrifted, hand me downs, or from a discount store.  and one of my very first chairs happened to be a comfy bean bag chair.  yes, a bean bag and i was pleasantly surprised they are still around and perhaps making a comeback.  maybe i can talk the sweet boy into one these instead of a recliner!  my guess is ... not!
 photo chairbean_zps38552b4d.png

do you have a favorite chair in your home?
is it nicely worn, a bit retro, or completely modern?


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enjoy your weekend everyone.  we are still standing ... we made it ... and we are alive! my apologies for not being around this week as i had lots going on leaving little time to pop in to the blog.  but, i wanted to wish you all an amazing weekend and to share some art from cayce zavaglia.  i don't think words (or photos for that matter) will truly do her portraits justice, but i must say each are quite breathtaking and a labor of love.
 photo stitched1a_zps8e8ae05b.png
cayce hand embroiders and creates these moving images using wool, silk, and cotton thread.  each takes about eight weeks to complete and the finished product it nothing short of an intimate portrayal or her close friends and family. the detail is amazing and she somehow captures the true essence of each of her subjects. if you want to see more, you can visit her website here.  and if you are in st. louis, her work will be featured at the contemporary art museum on may 9th. so if you are in the city, go check out her exhibit!
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peace to your heart.

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happy friday friends! what better way to end the week than with a handmade giveaway!  irene is here today to give one lucky reader the chance to win a $55 store credit to shop her contemporary scandinavian collection.  i've always admired the simplicity of her designs and she's even added some pops of color to her jewelry line, just in time for spring. and as a special treat, irene is offering up a 15% discount on all purchases made now thru 4/7. just use the code SpringSplash at checkout.   it's a win, win for everyone!  enter below (my international friends you're included too) and by all means ... go shop!
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i saw a quote the other day that simply said "less house, more home." and it got me thinking ... how do we define our homes and what exactly makes a home exist?  as of late, i've been moving things around and switching things up. one day it's here, the next it's there.  stacks of framed pictures and art line the floor, diy projects are patiently waiting for their turn and paint swatches are looking for their chance to grace the walls... all of this in an attempt to make this place of ours feel more like home.
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and so the question becomes, what defines your home?  is it your personal photos, souvenirs from a past trip, or furniture pieces that once filled your childhood place? are there remnants of your college apartment, hand me downs from a relative, or vintage pieces no one else would claim?  those we dwell with are an important part of home as well ... our partner, roommates, family, and our fury friends. simply put, home is where we're most comfortable, where we reflect our personalities and pride . it is our sanctuary, our safe haven, the place we love most. and regardless of it's size or cost, home is the place we can be ourselves and welcome others into our world. no matter how big or small, make it your own and even more, live with what (and who) you love.

so what defines the place you call home?

*original hand threaded collage art by happy red fish.


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