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green things//a stylish little lady
green things//a stylish little lady
i have confessed before that i have a bit of a problem when it comes to plants.  so much so, i've lost count of the number of green things we have growing around our place.  i am inspired by spaces with trailing vines and luscious leaves.  i love coming up with ways to display and give my green things a place to call home as seen in this diy.  and truth be told, home just wouldn't be home to me without plants sharing my space.  it is a calling of sorts ... a hobby that has completely spun itself into something that has taken over square footage in our home. it intrigues my husband as to how i manage to care for them all and now he is no longer fazed when a new cutting appears rooting away in a recycled jar. he's seen me love on plants that no one else wanted and this little guy is no exception ...

i picked it up on clearance a few months ago at our local home improvement store.  it was a couple of bucks and had seen better days.  something else to know about me ... i'm a sucker for a clearance plant! especially if it's not too far gone and i can nurse it back to health.  and so i did with this one and it is growing quite nicely now.  the only thing though ... i have no clue as to what it is.

any ideas?

ps//if you are on pinterest you can check out my green board here.  you guessed it ... the obsession extends far beyond the confinement of my home!
AND if you are in need of some art for your home, check out this giveaway and enter for a chance to win a $100 store credit to dress your walls.

that's all folks ... for reals.


vango art//a stylish little lady
today i am crazy excited to have this handmade giveaway for you!  i don't think i could be even more excited... unless of course i could enter and win this too!  one lucky winner will walk away with a $100 credit to purchase some art! yes ... i said art.  the stuff that i always talk about.  the stuff that i sometimes try to create. the stuff that makes your home ooze with personality and joy. yes some amazing art!

and well, let's face it.  some may be intimidated by the stuff.  no reason for that because art is very friendly and approachable and can take on any personality to suit your taste. not to mention, it does not have to be out of your budget either. and that's why this giveaway is perfect, because here is your chance to own an original piece and get a little bit of help purchasing it.

vango art//a stylish little lady
Vango is the bomb diggidy! never heard of them?  that's ok, because they are good peeps working with other good peeps to make art accessible to us all.  if you love art, want to support emerging artists, and just looking to add some personality to your space, check out their app here (which allows you to upload a wall in your home and try out some of your favorite art pieces).  not only that, you can find art starting at just $100.  no prints here, just originals and your purchase will make an artist quite proud to know one of their works will be displayed in your home. seriously, your space will be graced with an original piece, not a mass produced print that everyone around the web seems to have up on their wall. this is the real deal!

take some time and get to know Vango and be a part of this easy, yet accessible way to purchase art.  they support the creative talents and passions of others while providing an innovative way to try on some art in your home.  and just so you know ...  if you can't download the app, no worries as their collection can be seen (and purchased) thru pinterest too.

i can't take it anymore so continue on after the jump to enter!  by the way, i do check all entries to make sure they are legit so play fair and good luck!


the house dress//a stylish little lady
the house dress//a stylish little lady
the house dress//a stylish little lady
so here we go.
there are days when i do not feel like getting dressed.  and given summer is in full effect, the humidity has me camped out inside until a decent temp hits the mercury and the dog and i can safely venture out without risk of excessive sweat and dehydration. i welcome all seasons, but summer ... you are off to a bad start and i'm starting not to like (or even want) to tolerate you. and when these feelings emerge the thought of having to get dressed (in the least amount of clothes that would be appropriate for being in public) has me insisting i have nothing to wear ... or at least anything that can keep me cool. so with that i'm still trying to curate the perfect summer wardrobe.  staples seem to be skirts with dresses running a close second. and on those rare days when i can just chill at home ... a house dress is a must!

yes you heard me ... a house dress.
what is that you ask?  a dress that is so comfy you can lounge around the house in it and just let it all hang!  and if you decide to go out and get the mail in it ... that's cool too! my grandmother use to wear house coats back in the day.  she insisted they were more comfortable than wearing pants while lounging around and you know what .... it's true!

the house dress.
try one on for summer.
seriously ... you will be in love.

peace to your heart friends.

ps//stop by on monday for another handmade giveaway!  don't miss it as you will have the chance to win some original art!

*sharing this post with the pleated poppy.


4th of july diy//a stylish little lady
hello there.  hope all is well with you.  i'm still around and things have been a little busy lately.  time spent with friends, work, and family visiting from out of town have filled my days in a good way, but leaving little time to blog.  there must be a way to steal a few more minutes in each day, so until i crack the secret, i'll post when i can ... and eventually get myself back on a regular schedule of sorts.

for now, i'll share a few things from around the web that are inspiring me for the upcoming holiday.  have any plans yet?  or will you be grillin' and chillin' at home?

find them here:
an indigo diy project from design love fest.
frame a large flag and hang with pride by thomas hamel.
make your own placemats with this tutorial from henry happened.
and have yourself a casual fire pit party at home inspired by a beautiful mess.


art + a word or two/a stylish little lady
 photo barblack_zps3b7afeb8.png
imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring ... marilyn monroe
 photo barblack_zps3b7afeb8.png

*art by camila do rosario.
other works from this series can be seen here.


tomato sandwich//a stylish little lady
tomato sandwich//a stylish little lady
growing up, i ate alot of tomato sandwiches with my grandparents.  and even though i like to eat this sandwich, i'm not a fan of tomatoes in my salads.  weird, right?  this sandwich is just a simple, low budget lunch and perfect for a hot summer day.  you need some bread (nothing fancy as we would use regular white bread).  your favorite mayo (miracle whip or vegenaise works too) a nice big, fat juicy tomato and some salt + pepper to taste.  i'm not a fan of toasting my bread, so whatever works for you.

what's on the menu at your place?
do you enjoy lazy summer sandwiches?

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