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galaborn ornaments/a stylish little lady
cooler days will soon be here and so will the holiday season!  i know, i know.  it's a bit early but, i've decided to host another handmade holiday giveaway and wanted to give a heads up and see who would be interested in participating this year.  you can check out the giveaway from last year right here . it's a great way to get a jump on the shopping season by promoting your store alongside other talented artists and designers. the giveaway will begin 11/3 and run thru 11/10.

i will select a total of 7 shops and will notify each of you with details.  just so you know, each shop will be selected by me and i am interested in working with creative brands and artisans who value handmade. i strive to support indie designers, small creative businesses and artists.  does this sound like you? drop me a line with a link to your site ... chandrascribbles@gmail.com

peace to your heart.

ps//there's a handmade giveaway going on right now! you can check it out here.

*ornaments by galaborn.


alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
hello there friends.  how was your weekend? we had a good one and glad it will be extending on thru today for the labor day holiday. so what better way to start  a day off and begin a new week?... a handmade giveaway, of course.

i've been very fortunate to cross paths with some truly talented artists. and when i have an opportunity to work with a great independent designer and bring some fresh talent to the blog, i'm always excited. it not only allows me the chance to introduce you to an artist you may not know, but also give you another creative place to shop without compromising quality or style.
alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
alison storry jewelry is the place to shop if you all looking to add some modern bohemian jewelry to your collection.  each piece is lovingly crafted and can be worn everyday with comfort and ease.  and because the collection is so unique, it's hard to decide on a favorite. i love the gold chevron neclace (as seen above) and have an affection for these too ...

alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
like what you see?  visit alison's shop here on etsy and for a chance to win a $50 store credit (my international friends can join in too), enter after the jump.  all entries will be verified so play fair and good luck.

peace to your heart.

EAT ... WEAR ... MAKE ... LOVE ...

 photo eatwearcollage_zps98c9ad76.png
today's dream would be to sit on that mid century inspired sofa while accessorizing myself with that tiro tiro polis necklace.  of course i would be enjoying those banana chocolate chip baked donuts with caramel pecan glaze ... probably on my third by now, while trying to keep my sticky fingers from messing up the sofa. and if i could force myself to put the donuts down, i would attempt to knit up that venus cowl just in time for cooler days.

what's your daydream?
are you hoping to eat, wear, make, or love something (or someone) new?

find them here//
donut recipe
venus cowl

ps//you can daydream a little more and get inspired with another eat ... wear ... make ... love post.


a stylish little lady
at the moment ...

i am wearing another one of these.
the dog is going crazy at the back door because a rabbit has decided to taunt her to no end.
i am eating chips ... actually i am on my second bowl of chips.
ordering some temporary tattoos for a friend's birthday. she wants a tattoo so this will help her decide what (and where) to put it.
listening to nina simone while ordering said tattoos and eating before mentioned chips.
relieved that work is done ... the kitchen is clean ... and the plants have been watered too.
hearing drip drops of rain against the window signaling a storm is on the way.
enjoying the fact that even though this day was an uneventful one, it was a good one nonetheless.

what about you?
what's happening at the moment ...?

EAT ... WEAR ... MAKE ... LOVE

 photo eatcollage_zps60be8106.png
i don't like tomatoes in my salad, but i would eat that entire plate since it is topped with two of my favorite things (fresh herbs and cheese).  the cape i would wear everyday.  that planter has been added to my list of things to diy (it's acutally a bird feeder kit from lowes) and the bench is just my style ... clean and simple. you may remember my first attempt at creating a  bench here  and i absolutely love a mid century inspired piece and think this bench would look perfect placed in front of a window to house an ever increasing collection of plants. (dear husband if you are reading this my apologies, but i'm sure we can make something similiar, right?!)

what are you eating, wearing, making, or loving these days?

find them here//
tomato & feta dish 
hexagon planter


reclaimed wood bench//a stylish little lady
reclaimed wood bench//a stylish little lady
reclaimed wood bench//a stylish little lady
reclaimed wood bench//a stylish little lady
so you may remember i mentioned i was working on a bench and i'm pleased to present to you the finished product.  what do you think?

the wood has weathered many years and it took a tag team effort between the hubby and i to get it back to all it's glory (or at least to a presentable state). we didn't use any stain on it ... just some polyurethane.  and the legs were made by a friend. this is the second wood project i've attempted and now that this one is complete, i'm sure there will be another one to come! stay tuned ... you never know what will pop up around here next!

have you made anything lately?

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