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mornings//a stylish little lady
mornings//a stylish little lady
morning light//a stylish little lady
morning light//a stylish little lady
enjoy the weekend and be sure to take a little time to love on those who love you best!

peace to your heart.

ps//in case you missed some bits from the week ...
a fall collection ... eat ... wear ... make ... love
adding texture to your home with african juju hats.
for the love of fries.
and inspired by this quote.

EAT ... WEAR ... MAKE ... LOVE ...

fall collection//a stylish little lady
this little collection is inspired by fall ... feelings of comfort, function, and style.  the shoes, the shoes ... and the cute wall pockets are perfect for holding all your essentials.  the harvest tacos are a must try for fall and after i've stuffed myself silly with them, what better way to relax than on that convertible sofa/day bed ... yes that baby folds out into a nice place to chill.

what are you eating, wearing, making, or loving these days?

find them there//
harvest tacos
chemistry covered clog
catch-all wall pockets
earthy modernist home


african juju hat//a stylish little lady
african juju hats//a stylish little lady
walls aren't just for hanging photos or posters, but are an excellent backdrop for adding a bit of texture to your home.  and i love the idea of hanging african juju hats on the wall in a small collection or a large one centered above a bed as a statement piece.

in case you didn't know, here's a little bit of info about african juju hats ...
they are african headresses made from bird feathers and are traditionally worn by village chiefs in the cameroon region of central africa. the base of each hat is made of rafia and the feathers are sewn in creating a huge artistic circle to perfectly adorn the head or a wall in your home.

gorgeous, right?

and if you are looking for more ways to add some texture to your home, check out this post and an easy diy here.

peace to your heart.

*find them here ...


marys granddaughter//a stylish little lady
marys granddaughter//a stylish little lady
hello there friends.
another week is coming to a close and the weekend is smiling down on us.  any plans yet?  i have no idea as to what the hubby and i will be up to, but i'm sure i will sneak in a little time to make a thing or two.

a big thanks to everyone who supported alison in her handmade giveaway.  the winner has been contacted via email and if you were not able to stop by and see some of her collection, you can find her etsy shop here.

here's wishing you an amazing weekend and just in case you missed some bits from around the blog...

have a small creative business, etsy shop, or an inspiring artist? read about my holiday collaboration and hit me up if you would be interested in participating.

it's time to dust off those boots and give them a restyle.

a yummy fall salad that includes cranberries, your favorite nuts, and some fresh fruit.

eat...wear...make...love this.

and i saw this floating around on pinterest ... 9 things you can make instead of buying.

peace to your heart.

*embroidery art by marys granddaughter.


galaborn ornaments/a stylish little lady
cooler days will soon be here and so will the holiday season!  i know, i know.  it's a bit early but, i've decided to host another handmade holiday giveaway and wanted to give a heads up and see who would be interested in participating this year.  you can check out the giveaway from last year right here . it's a great way to get a jump on the shopping season by promoting your store alongside other talented artists and designers. the giveaway will begin 11/3 and run thru 11/10.

i will select 4-7 shops and will notify each of you with details.  just so you know, each shop will be selected by me and i am interested in working with creative brands and artisans who value handmade. i strive to support indie designers, small creative businesses and artists.  does this sound like you? drop me a line with a link to your site ... chandrascribbles@gmail.com

peace to your heart.

ps//there's a handmade giveaway going on right now! you can check it out here.

*ornaments by galaborn.


alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
hello there friends.  how was your weekend? we had a good one and glad it will be extending on thru today for the labor day holiday. so what better way to start  a day off and begin a new week?... a handmade giveaway, of course.

i've been very fortunate to cross paths with some truly talented artists. and when i have an opportunity to work with a great independent designer and bring some fresh talent to the blog, i'm always excited. it not only allows me the chance to introduce you to an artist you may not know, but also give you another creative place to shop without compromising quality or style.
alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
alison storry jewelry is the place to shop if you all looking to add some modern bohemian jewelry to your collection.  each piece is lovingly crafted and can be worn everyday with comfort and ease.  and because the collection is so unique, it's hard to decide on a favorite. i love the gold chevron neclace (as seen above) and have an affection for these too ...

alison storry jewelry//a stylish little lady
like what you see?  visit alison's shop here on etsy and for a chance to win a $50 store credit (my international friends can join in too), enter after the jump.  all entries will be verified so play fair and good luck.

peace to your heart.


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